Programme (as of 3 August 2009)

Conference papers are available for download as PDF format documents from this page. Some papers are not available at this moment .
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12:30-13:00  Registration  [Reception Desk, 2nd Floor]
13:00-13:15  Plenary Inaugural Meeting [Large Conference Room]
           Addresses by the Organizers and the ISS Director  
13:15-15:30  1st Slot of Panels:
  Panel 1: General Issues [Large Conference Room]
  Chair: Junji Nakagawa (Professor, University of Tokyo JAPAN)

Heng Wang (Associate Professor, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, CHINA)
China, Free Trade Agreements and WTO Law: A Perspective from Services Trade Download[88KB]

Anthony VanDuzer (Associate Professor, University of Ottawa, CANADA)
APEC’s Role in Rationalizing International Investment Obligations Download[100KB]

Ross Buckley (Professor, University of New South Wales, AUSTRALIA)
The Asian Monetary Fund: An Opportunity to be Seized Download[100KB]

Masahiro Kawai (Dean and Chief Executive Officer, Asian Development Bank Institute, JAPAN)
Multilateralism and Regionalism in Global Economic GovernanceDownload[231KB]

  Panel 2: Trade-FTA [ Room 201&202]
  Chair: Bryan Mercurio (Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)

Won-Mog Choi (Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University, KOREA)
Defragmenting Fragmented RTAs: A Benefit and Cost ApproachDownload[263KB]

Jong Bum Kim (Associate Professor, KDI School of Public Policy and Management, KOREA)
Regional Harmonization of Preferential Rules of Origin in Asia: In search of a minimum common denominator Download[69KB]

Meredith Kolsky Lewis (Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, NEW ZEALAND)
Open Accession Provisions in FTAs: A Bridge Between Regionalism and Multilateralism?Download[69KB]

Chang-fa Lo (Professor, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN)
On the Discretion and Limitations of Adopting Trade Remedies Provisions in RTAs Download[111KB]

  Panel 3: Investment [ Room 203]
  Chair: Douglas Arner (Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)

Saadia M. Pekkanen (Professor, Washington University, USA)
National Security Paradigms in the Regulation of Foreign Investments: Assessing Trends in the United States, Europe, and Japan Download[86KB]

Chunbao Liu (Ph.D. Candidate, McGill University, CANADA)
China’s Approaches to International Investment Law: the Interface Between BITs and RTAs

Mahnaz Malik (Managing Partner, MMI Law, and Associate, IISD, UK)
The Bilateral Investment Treaties of SAARC and ASEAN Member States Download[152KB]

Markus Burgstaller (Associate, Lovells LLP, UK)
Vertical Allocation of Competences for Investment Treaties in the European Union Download[83KB]

Daniel Kalderimis (Principal, Chapman Tripp, NEW ZEALAND)
Investment Treaties and Public Goods Download[87KB]

15:30-15:45  Coffee Break
15:45-18:00  2nd Slot of Panels:
  Panel 4: Trade-others [Room 201&202]
  Chair: Meredith Kolsky Lewis (Senior Lecturer, Victoria University of Wellington, NEW ZEALAND)

Edmund W. Sim (Partner, Appleton Luff, SINGAPORE)
Improving Governance in the ASEAN Economic Community Download[57KB]

Paolo R. Vergano (Partner, FratiniVergano, BELGIUM)
The ASEAN Dispute Settlement Mechanism and its Role in a Rules-Based Community: Overview and Critical Comparison Download[81KB]

Yoshiko Naiki (Associate Professor, Osaka University, JAPAN)
OverREACH: The Impact of the EU’s REAC H Regulation on Asian Chemical Policies Download[235KB]

Bryan Mercurio (Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)
Seizing Generic Pharmaceuticals in Transit: A Legal Analysis

Tomohiko Kobayashi (Associate Professor, Otaru University of Commerce, JAPAN)
Dynamic Process of Transnational Dispute Settlement as an Autopoietic System? Implications of North American Experiences to East AsiaDownload[120KB]

  Panel 5: Finance[Room 203]  
  Chair: Junji Nakagawa (Professor, University of Tokyo JAPAN)

Michael Waibel (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Cambridge, UK)
Bankrupt StateDownload[67KB]

Yuka Kaneko (Professor, Kobe University, JAPAN)
A Review of Model Laws in the Context of Financial Crisis: Implications for Procedural Legitimacy and Substantial Fairness of Soft Laws Download[153KB]

Rolf H. Weber (Professor, University of Zurich, SWITZERLAND)
How to Avoid Anticompetitive Effects of State Interventions in Times of Financial Crisis Download[72KB]

Efraim Chalamish (Global Fellow, New York University, USA)
Regulating Sovereign Wealth Funds – A New ParadigmDownload[142KB]

  Panel 6: General Prospect [Large Conference Room]
  Chair: Masahiro Kawai (Director, Asian Development Bank Institute, JAPAN)

Zhixiong Huang (Associate Professor, Wuhan Univeristy, CHINA)
Rise and Fall of Trade Multilateralism: A Proposal for ‘WTO à la carte’ as an Alternative Approach for Trade Negotiations Download[66KB]

Julia Ya Qin (Associate Professor, Wayne State University, USA)
Managing Conflicts between Multilateral and Regional Trade Governance - Reflections on the Brazil - Tyres CaseDownload[80KB]

Seung Pil Choi (Associate Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, KOREA)
Institutional Approach to the Needs and Possibilities of Financial Cooperation System in East Asia Download[114KB]

Douglas Arner (Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong, HONG KONG)
Redesigning the Architecture of the Global Financial System: Implications for Asia Download[82KB]

18:00-18:30  Plenary Business Meeting [Large Conference Room]
           Adoption of the Founding Regulations; Appointment of Officers
19:00-21:00  Buffet Reception (No host; due ¥5,000 ) [Danwa Hall, 1st floor]



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